Pricing / Book a Tour

The HandleBar operates a fleet of 6 bikes all within downtown Indianapolis.

You’ve got 3 choices below to find an available date and pay online.  Both of our locations are within a block from each other and hit the same downtown areas during the tours.

Group Tour (Delaware Location)
Book a group Tour from our location at 310 S. Delaware

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Group Tour (Tow Yard Brewery Location)

Book a group Tour from our location at Tow Yard Brewing at 501 Madison

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Individual Seat Tours (Tow Yard Brewery Location)

Don’t have a big group ? No Problem! Book an INDIVIDUAL tour!

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Group Tours:
$300 for a 2hour tour Sunday – Thursday
$400 for a 2hour tour Friday/Saturday

Individual Seat Tours

Pricing Detail
You buy the entire bike (along with a “Bar Handler”)  Split these prices ($300 or $400) up by how many riders you have and you’ll get your per person pricing. If you have the max of 16 passengers it comes out to $18.75/person for Sunday-Thursday and $25/person for Friday/Saturday. Remember that although our cover charge is higher than most bars our BYOB policy is unprecedented! :)

Tour Length:
Tour length is 2hrs

Tour Dates:
We can book tours on Monday thru Friday between the hours of 12:30pm – 10pm and on Saturday/Sunday from 10am-10pm!

How Do I Book a Tour ?

Full payment via credit card:
Click on the appropriate “book now” button above to view available dates and book online

Partial cash payment / Partial Credit:
All bookings must be completed online and we no longer allow 100% cash bookings, but the good news is we will allow a 50% cash / 50% credit card payment.  The procedure is the same as for full credit bookings and all bookings require at least a 50% (or you can pay in full) down payment via credit card at the time of booking. The remainder can be paid via cash or the card on file the day of the tour.

Full cash payment:
Full cash payments are no longer allowed (sorry, this is to prevent “no shows”)

Liability Waiver:  Each rider must print and sign HandleBar Liability Waiver prior to their arrival at The HandleBar.  Bring signed separate copies of the waiver prior to the start of the tour.  By each rider doing this it will get us going that much quicker…

Photo ID:  All riders must provide photo ID at the time of tour, and bring your signed Handlebar Release of Liability Waiver with you You must download and print this form prior to arrival as stated in Step#3.  The tour starts when all the forms are in.

FAQ:  PLEASE read our FAQ page @ FAQ Page and feel free to share with your group of friends.



All Handlebar tours must be paid with a credit card online. That means either full payment or 50% payment via credit card in advance. We no longer allow 100% cash bookings.  Options include Mastercard, Visa and American Express.


We reserve the right to charge your credit card following the tour if necessary. Since The Handlebar is powered by its passengers, they control the speed at which the tour progresses. For scheduling purposes, however, it is necessary that the tour end within 10 minutes of the scheduled return time. There will be no Damage/Late Deposit charged if The Handlebar returns to the starting point on time and undamaged.

$40 – 10-15 minutes late
$55 – 15-20 minutes late
$70 – 20-25 minutes late
$85 – 25-30 minutes late
$200 -30-60 minutes late
$250/hr – more than 60 minutes late


 The only thing left to do is to get mentally prepared to have a great time aboard The HandleBar!  If you’d like, you can start by viewing a video we made from St. Patrick’s Day by clicking here….